Car-share Service Brand Design - Collaboration

The challenge: create a cohesive expression of a brand through logo, wordmark, car decal, web design and mobile app for a car share service that also supports the local art scene.

Our interpretation: fresh and vibrant visuals that reflect an aspirational and outgoing lifestyle; images that highlight the concept that a rotation of art work by local artists will feature on the vehicles as a moving gallery.

The outcome: a fresh yet poised brand that reflects the energy and engagement of young, community-minded creatives, and showcases dynamic and striking art pieces.


Car-share Service Brand Digital

The digital platforms for the service play up the energy and motion of the brand through bright orange and dynamic diagonals. Featured artwork by local artists creates striking visuals and clearly communicates the core function of the service.

Collaboration and Image Credits: This project was produced in collaboration with Zuzana Bysterska at ACAD. Artworks used in mock-ups were sourced from and Images of vehicles were sourced from and linked Fiat user forums.