Information Design


Typography Lecture Series Poster

The challenge: create a broadsheet poster that distils multiple categories of information into an appropriately modernist composition that works both folded and displayed in full.

My interpretation: a minimalist color palette comprised of greyscale and tints of red; a spine of vertically positioned enlarged text, and use
of overlapping text to create texture.

The outcome: a textured weaving together of key dates and descriptions while maintaining a clear hierarchy of information. Focus is controlled through areas of tonal contrast, tints of red for emphasis and striking Futura typeface.


Fort Calgary Map

The challenge: create a way finding system that categorizes different exhibit areas and uses icons to allow for quick and clear reading.

My interpretation: an International Style visual - minimalist with blocks of colour and diagonals.

The outcome: a clean and sophisticated look befitting Fort Calgary’s location within the area of the East Village rejuvenation.